Due to the continued success of Ocean software and certainly in part due to Martin Galway’s game music contributions. Ocean was in an enviable position where they could financially afford to license the rights to hollywood movies and television shows. In 1984 they developed a game based on the $150 million dollar box office hit Rambo: First Blood Part II, starring Sylvester Stallone.

Martin Galway was the obvious choice to do the music for such an important game release. Just when you thought the Ocean Loader could not be beaten – along came this remarkable soundtrack. The loading sequence music is simply amazing! It is actually one of my favourite C64 soundtracks. It’s cinematic in every way, powerful, and one of those tunes you won’t easily forget.

This had quite an impact on the C64 music scene at the time – in fact a C64 music tape was released called “Datahits”, by a company called “Mupados”, which had a special enhanced version of the Rambo loading music.

The game itself had other great music. The familiar and popular Rambo music from the film played during your missions in the game – which certainly helped to heighten the atmosphere. When you finished your game and you managed to achieve a high enough score – you were greeted by the high score table and one of Galway’s best pieces of music ever! A treat for your ears, to say the least. I think the Rambo music was Martin Galway’s finest hour and one of those occasions where he excelled even the mighty Rob Hubbard.

by Ocean
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Something wonderful has happened... Number Five is alive!

Short Circuit
Short Circuit by Ocean
The game Short Circuit was another movie license, based on the film of the same name, released in 1986 starring Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy.

The game features the SAINT (Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport) robot Johnny Five. Your objective is to keep number 5 alive by escaping from the NOVA factory.

The music in the game is a rendition of the films 'Who’s Jonny' soundtrack by El DeBarge. According to Martin Galway this music took about four weeks to complete due to the elements of the music that needed to be included on the C64. This music was certainly underrated at the time, as it is implemented well and easily recognisable, especially for people who are familiar with the film.


In the mid eighties Ocean software bought the license rights for two television programs - Street Hawk (which unfortunately only lasted for one season) and the hugely successful Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff and KITT the talking car.

Galway was asked to do the music for Street Hawk. However, it would never see the light of day until recent times - due to what happened during the games production. Apparently the programmer(s) on the Street Hawk and Knight Rider projects made a real hash of programming these games - there were constant delays and the games were being advertised for ages in computer magazines, unfortunately the games never made it to a finished release state and were eventually shelved by Ocean, along with Martin Galway's Street Hawk music. Its only in recent times that the game music has surfaced on the internet and also on the superb Project Galway collection.

Street Hawk
Street Hawk by Ocean
Knight Rider
Knight Rider by Ocean

Ocean certainly paid a lot of money for these licenses and to this day it is extraordinary how completely mishandled these games were. Certainly the programmers messed up but where was the oversight by Ocean managers? Ocean really dropped the ball on this one - when you consider the subject matter, these games could of been amazing - remember that computer speech was really taking off around this time - can you imagine what they could of done with Knight Rider! See Speech Box for more information about the use of speech in Commodore 64 games.