Martin Galway has a music legacy in Commodore 64 game history that is only surpassed by Rob Hubbard. Although its certainly fair to say that Hubbard’s music tended to be a lot more varied and Galway’s a bit too similar – this does not change the fact, that what Galway did with C64 music was to give a competitive alternative to Hubbard and certainly put C64 music way ahead of other home computers at the time. Also, Galway’s Rambo suite of music is simply amazing and it compares favourably with the very best of Hubbard’s work. Personally, I rate Rambo as one of the finest examples of home computer music ever produced.

Pure 6581
Pure 6581 by Binary Zone

Back in Time 3
Back In Time 3 by

Chris Abbott of has released a number of 'Back in Time' music CDs - with new compositions/remixes of Commodore 64 music with CD quality sound that will allow you to experience C64 music in a whole new way. The TCZ Webmaster has purchased all the BIT CDs and highly recommends that you visit and check out the CDs available.

'Back In Time 1' includes Rambo, 'Back In Time 2' includes the tracks Wizball 2000 and Comic Bakery and Back In Time 3 includes a great track remix of Parallax. The CDs are reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Also worth checking out is the two disc CD set called 'Project Galway' that has all the best Martin Galway music reproduced from an original Commodore machine - no remixes, the real Galway sound but in CD quality.

Binary Zone also stock 'Pure 6581' with over 200 full-length Commodore 64 tracks recorded DIRECTLY from the C64. Featuring complete and unedited C64 tracks from Martin Galway and many more great C64 musicians.