Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics 1985) raised the bar even further - with a breathtaking arrangement that the Zzap! 64 reviewers and most Commodore 64 users were blown away by. This track has everything - easily recognisable instruments, including a wonderful violin section! Even hand clapping can be heard! There is also a further piece of music on the High Score Table, which is probably the best High Score Table music (with the exception of Martin Galway’s RAMBO!) that you have ever heard on a computer game. The music on this game is a beautiful demonstration of what the SID chip could produce when it’s really pushed, and Hubbard became more famous than ever, when this game was released.

Some Commodore 64 owners who weren’t overly keen on the game still bought it because of word of mouth about the quality of the music!! Something that the execs at Mastertronic must have realised when they decided to hire Hubbard at a later date - if a game had a Hubbard soundtrack it should shift enough units!

Monty On The Run
Monty On The Run by Gremlin Graphics

Commando (Elite 1985), a licensed conversion of the popular arcade machine.

Based on the original arcade music, Hubbard worked his magic with a powerful, loud, thumping soundtrack, that really captures the spirit of the game.

It’s interesting to note that Rob created this music under immense pressure from Elite, due to the deadline for the release of the game. It just goes to show the raw talent of Hubbard that he was able to complete this composition on time, while maintaining his usual standards.

This soundtrack is highly regarded by a lot of C64 sound fans and is one of Hubbard’s most popular tracks.

For more information on the back-story to the creation of this music - please read the Commodore Horizons article (reproduced in full) at the end of this article.

Commando by Elite

Mega Apocalypse
Mega Apocalypse by Martech

Crazy Comets
(Martech 1985) was a new spin on an old concept, a game in the mould of space invaders, but looking and playing more like the Parker Brothers successful and addictive arcade game Gyruss.

A good game, enhanced immeasurably by the inclusion of a Hubbard soundtrack. When the title screen appears with big white letters spelling the word Crazy Comets moving up the screen, you are introduced to the unforgettable music - with a boisterous bass line, and electric guitars laden throughout. The soundtrack is extremely effective and well suited to the frenetic game play. It became hugely popular and a favourite amongst Hubbard fans.

Interestingly, there was a sequel to the game Crazy Comets which appeared a few years later, also on the Martech software label, called Mega Apocalypse (Martech 1987). The game was obviously similar to the original but played faster and also featured some software speech.

Hubbard composed the music for this as well and it was a kind of souped up version of the original soundtrack. It was a thunderous mix, more powerful and louder - but probably losing some of the charm of the original.