International Karate
International Karate by System 3
Due to the success of the game Way of the Exploding Fist (Melbourne House 1985) - it soon inspired other software companies to release similar games.

One of the best was International Karate (System 3 1987 - the creators of the classic Last Ninja game series).

Hubbard did the music for this and it turned out to be a wonderful oriental score that made an already great game, greater!

However, it was criticised by Greg Barnett (who worked for Melbourne House and was the game designer, responsible for Exploding Fist) in a Zzap! 64 interview – for sounding like a slowed down, oriental version of Thing On a Spring! Although this is a bit harsh and a tad unfair, it is true there are some similarities, probably due to the choice of instruments, but it is also sufficiently different in its own right.

A popular Hubbard tune and one that has been remixed in recent years by other music composers.

Arcade Classics
(Firebird 1987) showed another side to Hubbard, the music bursts to life from the opening screen, which depicts some popular Arcade machines with an in your face heavy guitar riff that just keeps on going!

It requires an acquired taste. Not everyone will like this track – it’s just too full on for some people, but it certainly demonstrated Hubbard’s versatility and talent and that is really the main attraction to this track.

Hubbard’s brilliance was being able to express his music in any way he desired to fit a game, with the use of various instruments and techniques that other computer musicians simply could not match.

Arcade Classics
Arcade Classics by Firebird

With the popularity of skate boarding in the mid 80’s, the game Skate or Die (Electronic Arts 1988) was released.

An amazing game that excelled graphically in every department - a tremendous number of animation frames were used on the characters and skateboards. Technically quite advanced for a C64 and the game play was equally impressive - with different skateboard challenges.

Hubbard added a 'heavy' guitar riff soundtrack, that boomed away as soon as the title screen appeared, using actual digital samples of an electric guitar! It added a new dimension to Hubbard’s music and sounded great!

Skate Or Die
Skate Or Die by Electronic Arts