All good things come to an end and with the inevitable demise of the 8-bit home computer market due to the arrival of a new wave of 16-bit computers like the Amiga and Atari ST, it was only a matter of time before Hubbard started composing music on these machines - one of his initial efforts was for the game Zany Golf on the Amiga computer.

Zany Golf
Zany Golf by Electronic Arts

After a short while it was time for Hubbard to move on to new challenges. In 1989 he moved from Newcastle, UK to the USA and worked for the successful software company Electronic Arts and composed music for the PC.

In the early years of the PC, it was saddled with a useless sound chip - about the only thing it could manage was a beep! But during the 16-bit revolution a range of sound cards from the Creative Labs Company was released which changed PC music forever. One of Hubbard’s early music efforts on the PC was on the popular game PGA Tour Golf.

EA Redwood Shores Offices - Redwood City, California
Electronic Arts - Redwood Shores Offices, Redwood City, California

Eventually Hubbard became an Audio Technical Director at EA, which was more of an administrative role, quite a change from his usual hands on approach to music.

After a number of productive years at Electronic Arts, in 2002 he decided to move back to the UK.

In recent years he has appeared at music events such as the Back In Time live concerts and composed new remixes for some of his C64 music for the Back In Time CDs (see next page). With the advent of the mobile phone craze, he has also composed music for mobile phone games.