Chris Abbott of has released a number of 'Back in Time' music CDs - with new compositions/remixes of Commodore 64 music with CD quality sound that will allow you to experience Commodore 64 music in a whole new way. TCZ has purchased all the BIT CDs and highly recommends that you visit and check out the CDs available. Monty on the Run, Sanxion and Delta are included on these CDs. Well worth considering is "Back In Time 3" which includes a track remix of WAR! Some CDs may come with a free COMPANION CD-ROM containing MP3 remixes of Commodore 64 music. The CDs are reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Back In Time Live! DVD
Back In Time Live! DVD - by Chris Abbott of

A professionally produced DVD of the successful Back In Time live concerts is now available from by Chris Abbott.

If you could not make or did not know of the BIT concerts then you will love the DVD - which is a neat compilation of the most notable Back In Time Live events, hosted by that other great C64 musician Ben Daglish.

A lot of familiar faces attended including the maestro himself Rob Hubbard and the talented 'a-cappella' pop group Visa Roster who vocally hum the music to various top C64 music! If you can remember the early 80’s pop group, The Flying Pickets who did not use musical instruments but their voices to create music, like on the 1982 United Kingdom (UK) number one hit 'Only You' - then you will get an idea of how this group perform, very talented and a great experience.

The DVD is reasonably priced and well worth checking out.

In recent years various composers usually in .mp3 format have released a myriad of versions of famous Hubbard music on C64 music websites. Some of the remixes are outstanding - check out the versions of Lightforce (X-formZ), Human Race (Markus Schneider), Formula One Simulator (Marcel Donne), International Karate (DJ Lizard), Knucklebusters (No Other Medicine), and some have even had vocals added to the mix!, like Mega Apocalypse (N-Joy/TsW) or Commando High Score (N-Joy/TsW and DJ Poa).

The High Voltage SID Collection available from contains all of Rob Hubbard’s C64 music, in a SID file format, which can be played on modern computers like the PC and Apple Mac, using SID Player software.

It’s even possible to play the music via a real SID chip using special hardware like the Catweasel MK4 or HardSID, which are internal cards for the PC that can incorporate 6581 SID chips! Using a standard phono audio cable the sound output can be connected to your Hi-Fi / Amplifier for playback!

Catweasel MK4 - jens schoenfeld
Catweasel MK4 - by Individual Computers (jens schoenfeld)