Tech Closeup is a show based in San Carlos, California and produced by Mark Albertson. It started in January 2005 and currently has around 3 million viewers. It is a 30 minute program that features the latest technology from Silicon Valley. It features hosts Marc Levenson (previously Tech TV) and Cristina King (previously a news anchor on NBC).

In the February 2006 edition of the Tech Closeup show they featured Todd Mozer the president of the company Sensory Inc. and their speech technology, including a voice activated light and Doc the computer generated and animated avatar, which is the next step in voice recognition and is capable of emulating the human voice, recreating it as an intelligent 'lip synched' avatar!

Below is a media player with an excerpt from this edition of the program. Enjoy!

Video Clip © Copyright 2006 Tech Closeup/Mark Albertson

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