Bruce Lee Cover
Bruce Lee by Datasoft
Published: 1984, Datasoft
Programmer: Ron J. Fortier
Musician: John A. Fitzpatrick
Genre: Arcade
Options: 1 - 2 Players (jointly)
Media: Disk/Tape
Magazine Review: Zzap!64 92% issue 40 (1988)
Downloads: Map, Faq, Instructions

In Bruce Lee you will experience the power and glory of Bruce Lee, one of the greatest masters of the martial arts. As Bruce Lee, you will confront a barrage of vicious foes. You must pentrate, the fortress of the Evil Wizard and claim his fortunes. Destroying the Wizard will earn you immortality and infinite wealth.

A classic platform game. It may have some crude graphics and sound, but the game play is top notch. In it's day it was highly regarded and even now still holds up amazingly well. Simply, one of the best platform games ever written for a home computer. The level design is well thought out, and the in-game obstacles, like streaming pan lights, electrical charges and moving vines are genius. Some nice graphical touches, like turning the lanterns off and the T'sung-lin bushes that are activated by running over them.

WARNING: Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence
of Bruce Lee, do not press play unless you are sure, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Bruce Lee by Datasoft

Bruce Lee Advert
Bruce Lee Advert by Datasoft


Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program.

Unlimited lives:
POKE 5472,99
POKE 5686,128
POKE 5677,128
POKE 7623,165

Unlimited lives (alternate):
POKE 5472,99

Unlimited lives (alternate):
POKE 5472,9
POKE 19722,99


Bruce Lee Map
Bruce Lee Map by Zzap!64

On the following pages is a Bruce Lee walkthrough article by Hans Hsu that appeared in the July 1985 issue of Computer & Video Games (C+VG).

Also available in the Hans Hsu walkthrough, is an exclusive 16 minute video stream of Bruce Lee from beginning to end, editted by TCZ and includes the theme music from Bruce Lee's last film Enter The Dragon.

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