Zorro Cover
Zorro by Datasoft
Published: 1985, Datasoft
Programmer: James Garon
Musician: John A. Fitzpatrick
Genre: Arcade
Options: 1 Player
Media: Disk/Tape
Magazine Review: Zzap!64 78% issue 10 (1985)
Downloads: Map, Faq, Instructions

Team up with Zorro, Johnston McCulley's legendary masked crusader for justice and freedom! Travel back and forth between the screens to reach your objective: rescue a pretty senorita from the clutches of wicked Sergeant Garcia. Help Zorro search for the crucial items that enable him to reach the Fort where the senorita is held captive. The key to the solution is in the Ole 6 Hotel.

This is a game based around the story of the legend of Zorro, including all the classic Zorro ingredients, a kidnapped senorita, an evil enemy leader and his henchmen and of course the obligatory swordfight! The same company that brought you the mighty Bruce Lee developed this game. The graphics are similar, crude but functional. The sound is quite basic, with rather timid sound effects and the music is short and repetitive.

This game has been very harshly treated since its release and in my opinion, underrated. It requires more perseverance than Bruce Lee, a few of the puzzles are rather obscure and repetitive, but if you look past this, it can be a fun, enjoyable game, with some amusing moments - like the spring board sequence which catapults you in the air and the branding of the bull. Ignore the reviews and the criticisms; this game is well worth checking out.

WARNING: Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence
of Zorro, do not press play unless you are sure, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Zorro by Datasoft

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Advert by Datasoft


Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program.

Unlimited lives:
POKE 5432,127

Unlimited lives (alternate):
POKE 5359,1

Set number of lives:
Note: X represents the desired number of lives.
POKE 6431,X


Zorro Map
Zorro Catacombs Map

On the following pages, exclusive to The Commodore Zone is the definitive and complete Zorro walkthrough by Paul Newport that has never been published before.

Also available in the Zorro walkthrough, is an exclusive 37 minute video stream of Zorro from beginning to end, split into two parts. Part 1 - The Scavenger Hunt and Part 2 - The Catacombs. Editted by TCZ and includes theme music from the film Mask of Zorro and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

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