Impossible Mission Cover
Impossible Mission by Epyx
Published: 1984, Epyx
Programmer: Dennis Caswell
Speech: Electronic Speech Systems
Genre: Arcade
Options: 1 Player
Media: Disk/Tape
Magazine Review: Zzap!64 95% issue 25 (1987)
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Using a fortune he amassed by raiding the computer systems of various financial institutions, elvin constructed a vast, underground stronghold packed with computer equipment. There, in seclusion, Elvin spent four years working to breach the security of military computer installations around the world. as you know, he has succeeded.

"Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!". Who can forget that speech which greeted you upon entering the game? If you had a wish list for the features you would want in a game, chances are most of them would be found in Impossible Mission. It was and is one of the best C64 games ever conceived. This classic game revolves around the mad Professor Elvin Atombender, who is intent on world domination. Your mission is to enter his lair and save the day. To do so, you will need to move through numerous rooms in the complex via elevator lift shafts, searching for pieces of a puzzle to stop him. To thwart you from making too much progress, are Elvin's evil robots, which can chase and zap you along the way. The rooms are well designed and furnished with office equipment, including computer terminals, which you can use to control moveable platforms and temporarily disable the robots. Although there is no music, this is one occasion, where it isn't required. There are suitably eerie sound effects and digitised speech, like "Destroy Him My Robots!" - That sets the atmosphere for the duration of the game. The game play can be tough and it will take some time to visit the rooms and solve the puzzle, but its entertaining, and ultimately rewarding -  with about the best end game sequence, on a C64 game you will ever see, that even includes some additional speech in a feminine voice.

Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence
of Impossible Mission, do not press play unless you are sure, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Impossible Mission by Epyx

Impossible Mission Advert
Impossible Mission
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Load the game or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC commands before running or restarting the program.

POKE 30748,169
POKE 30749,0
POKE 30750,234
POKE 30763,169
POKE 30764,0
POKE 30765,234

POKE 26831,169

No opponents:
POKE 27028,0
POKE 31005,12
POKE 21006,221

No opponents (alternate):
POKE 31020,12
POKE 31021,221
POKE 31484,12
POKE 31485,221

On the following pages is a room by room Impossible Mission walkthrough by TCZ. The 'puzzle pieces' walkthrough is an extract from the Impossible Mission walkthrough by Marc - who has kindly given permission for it to be used.**

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