Due to the success of the original Super Pipeline it was almost a certainty that a sequel would follow – which it did. Obviously similar, but with improved graphics and tougher gameplay. It lost a little of the charm of the original, like the animated title screen, but it was a worthy sequel.

It was highly rated by Zzap 64! magazine, which no doubt helped to sale even more copies of the game!

In 1985 Cad Cam Warrior was released with a big promotion in the magazine Commodore User – it was claimed to be the biggest computer game ever made at the time with over 8000 screens!

The problem was all the screens were essentially the same but in a different colour! It was unfortunately one of those ideas that on paper probably seemed great, but in practice it really didn’t work.

The game became far too boring and repetitive and to be honest rather mindless – because as the game screens were so similar you never really felt you were making any real progress!
Cad Cam Warrior Taskset
Cad Cam Warrior by Taskset

Souls of Darkon Taskset
Souls of Darkon by Taskset

Before Tasksets outstanding Commodore 64 work, they developed a number of adventure games on the ill-fated Sinclair QL computer. They intended to produce some similar games on the Commodore 64.

The last game they released, before their unfortunate demise, was Souls of Darkon, an illustrated text adventure. Unfortunately it was very poor, with a limited parser and weak graphics. Certainly the worst game they ever made and not what Taskset originally planned.

With the Taskset company now in decline and the tough time the company was going through you can appreciate why their last few games were weak and its surprising that they managed to release anything during this period.

The games that will be remembered will be Super Pipeline and Bozo’s Night Out both of which have their place in C64 gaming history.

If the company was so talented what happened?

Unfortunately we may never know for sure, but I suspect due to the usual financial problems that plagued software companies at the time, some poor marketing and of course the increased competition from American software houses – that it all conspired to shorten the life of this great C64 company.
Taskset Catalogue Card
Taskset Catalogue Card