One of the oldest and best MS-DOS C64 emulators, its emulation is adequate, graphically its very good, except it does have problems with a few titles such as Mayhem in Monsterland where the screen corrupts. The sound emulation is superb. It will load most games but it does have a few drawbacks, a few titles will not run through the emulator and a few titles, like Little Computer People or Borrowed Time require the full emulation mode on which really slows down the loading process considerably. The interface is very good and is easy to use. This emulator used to compete favourably with CCS 64 but it pales in comparison now.  Miha Peternel the programmer of C64s is no longer developing the software and the the full Seattle Labs commercial version is overpriced.

Download: C64s 2.52 (shareware - Dos)
Web Page: PHS - The C64S Emulator

The text excerpt below is taken from the website, the home of C64s:
Welcome to a software emulator of the good old fat Commodore 64. It will allow you to run most of the original C64 software on your PC. The C64S emulator and accompanying utilities are copyrighted (C) 1997 by Miha Peternel and may not be copied, sold, hired or distributed in any way without written permission of the author. C64 and 1541 ROM code is copyrighted (C) by Commodore Business Machines.

In the main category of the games database you will find C64 game content for use with the C64s emulator.

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