Although some users rate PC64 as a very good C64 emulator. Unfortunately due to development being terminated prematurely - Its now one of the worst - it  has a clumsy interface and a habbit of making the most simple tasks more complicated then they should be. The sound emulation is the worst of any Commodore 64 emulator. The graphics are reasonably handled but some games have problems, e.g. Masquerade. One advantage this emulator does have over some C64 emulators is that it does run the Spinnaker titles superbly - it was the first emulator that could run the Perry Mason game. So if you're a fan of Spinnaker titles then this emulator is worth checking out.

Download: PC64 V.2.14 (windows) (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP) or PC64 V1.22 (dos) (Dos, Win 95/98)
Web Page: Personal C64 Emulator Download Page

The text excerpt below is taken from the Personal C64 website, the home of PC64:
With Personal C64 by Wolfgang Lorenz you can execute your old C64 programs on the PC. Currently almost all applications work, and 85% of the games run as well. Programs with built-in disk speeders and copy protected software (like Geos) won't work until in version 2.0. You need an IBM compatible PC with 486DX2-66 processor. Personal C64 runs also on a 386, but not at original speed. In addition, the program requires a VGA display adapter. Because of performance, the graphics card should be on a VLB or PCI bus. When it comes to the operating systems, you can choose between DOS, Windows, OS/2, Windows NT and Linux with DOSEmu.

In the main category of the games database you will find C64 game content for use with the PC64 emulator.

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