This is the best Commodore 64 Emulator available for the Mac computer. The graphics are well implemented and the SID chip sound is handled very well. It will load most games, the 1541 emulation is excellent. This emulator is  is highly recommended for Mac users. If you use Power64 on a regular basis then please purchase it, to ensure continued development of this superb emulator.

Download: Power64 4.9.3 for OS X or Power64 4.9.3 for Classic MacOS
Web Page: Power64 Emulator Purchase Page and Power64 Official Emulator Page

The text excerpt below is taken from the Power64 website, the home of Power64:
Power64 by Roland Lieger is an emulator for the Commodore 64. It allows you to run your favorite C64 software on your Power Macintosh at full speed with smooth graphics and great sound. Power64 emulates all important features of a real C-64. While there is no charge to get a copy of Power64, it is still required that you pay a moderate registration fee if you find Power64 enjoyable and use it for an extended period of time. Power64 is fully functional even if you have not yet registered, so you can perform all the tests your heart desires but in order to remind you that the author has spent a lot of time writing the software, there is a time limit of 10 minutes for each emulator session.

In the main category of the games database you will find C64 game content for use with the Power64 emulator.

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