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Published on 12/12/2006
Ballyhoo was Infocom's 19th game (and the 4th mystery story). It was written by Jeff O'Neil.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Ballyhoo (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1985, Infocom
Jeff O'Neill

Difficulty Level: Standard

Spangleland! Sawdust and glitter buffoons and cotton candy! It's a place where your wildest dreams can come true! At least, that's what you think... until you get behind the scenes at the big top. Then you learn how easily sweet dreams can turn into nightmares. Beyond the spangles lies a seedy world of deception and crime. Exploring the tattered corners of the circus lot, you overhear a conversation about the owner's daughter. It seems she's been kidnapped, and the hired gumshoe couldn't find the nose on his face. Good Samaritan that you are, you start poking around on your own. But watch your step. As the night progresses, you realize you're in as much danger as the little girl.
Ballyhoo was Infocom's 19th game (and the 4th mystery story). It was written by Jeff O'Neill.

You went to watch a circus, and after the show you overheard a conversation about the owners daughter being kiddnapped. As you are made of heroic stock, you decided to stay with the circus until you find out who did it...

Ballyhoo (game) by Infocom

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