Border Zone
Border Zone (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1987, Infocom
Marc Blank

Difficulty Level: Not Rated

Where the Iron Curtain divides East and West, the frontier is a no man's land between freedom and captivity, a place where moments lost or precautions not taken exact a toll on men's lives. In Border Zone, you cross this barrier not once, but three times, as three different characters in a fast-paced story of international intrigue. The pulse-pounding tension of espionage is heightened by the addition of real time, which ticks on regardless of your actions. As you race against the clock to complete your missions, you'll find yourself caught up in a spine-tingling adventure that's far more suspenseful than any spy thriller you've ever read.

Border Zone was Infocom's 31st game (and the only game of intrigue). It was written by Marc Blank, the co-author of the ZORK series, Enchanter, and sole-author of Deadline.

Border Zone consists of three separate chapters which have to do with an assasination attempt on an American ambassador in Europe during the height of the cold war. In each chapter you play a different individual (an American businessman, a western spy, or an eastern spy) in a different location, and although the chapters are stand-alone, it's better to play them in the game's given order.

The novelty of Border Zone is that the time continues to pass even when you
are thinking! So, you actually have to be quick in your decisions! The clock has two speeds, FAST and SLOW. Type SLOW if you are a slow typist or a slow thinker (or both!). The first chapter starts with a SLOW clock; the second and third chapters begin with a FAST clock.

Don't forget that by typing HINT you enter the on-line hintbook!

Border Zone
Border Zone (game) by Infocom

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