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Published on 12/12/2006
Infocom's 25th game was BUREAUCRACY by Douglas Adams.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Bureaucracy (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1987, Infocom
Douglas Adams

Difficulty Level: Not Rated

BUREAUCRACY! Everyone, at one time or another, feels bound up in an endless swathe of red tape. In Bureaucracy, best-selling humorist Douglas Adams draws on his own battles with beadledom to create a hilarious misadventure. You'll find yourself in the midst of a bureaucratic muddle so convoluted that you can't help but laugh. You've just landed a great new job and moved to a spiffy house in a nice little town. You're even being sent to Paris this very afternoon for a combination training seminar and vacation. What could possibly go wrong? The answer, of course, is everything. When the bank refuses to acknowledge your change-of-address form, you'll find yourself entangled in a series of bureaucratic mishaps.
Infocom's 25th game was Bureaucracy by Douglas Adams. A fight for survival against paperwork! The game was even monitoring your blood pressure!

Too bad this everyday life parody was never converted to the C64. On the other hand, it was the 3rd game to be converted to the Commodore 128 (C128).

Bureaucracy (game) by Infocom

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