Deadline (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1982, Infocom
Marc Blank

Difficulty Level: Expert

Deadline, pits you the keen-eyed sleuth, against a 12-hour time limit to solve a classic locked-door mystery. Armed only with the clues inside this package and your own wits, you must sift through myriads of evidence and motives to track down the killer. No easy feat, for all six of your suspects exercise free will - coming and going, scheming and manoeuvring independently of your actions. And some of these personalities are so treacherous that, should you make the wrong move, one of them may do you in.
Deadline was Infocom's 3rd game after ZORK I and II (and before ZORK III!), and was written by Marc Blank, the co-author of the ZORK trilogy.

You are a detective who has to solve the case of a rich fella who it seems commited suicide. You have 12 hours to interview everyone you can find and decide whodunnit, but it would help if you could find evidence supporting your case before making an arrest!

Deadline (game) by Infocom

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