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Hollywood Hijinx
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Published on 12/12/2006
Hollywood Hijinx was Infocom's 24th game. It was written by Dave Anderson and Liz Cyr-Jones.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Hollywood Hijinx
Hollywood Hijinx (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1986, Infocom
Dave Anderson and Liz Cyr-Jones.

Difficulty Level: Standard

Vampire Penguins. A Corpse Line. Meltdown on Elm Street. Who could forget these classic Hollywood movies produced by your uncle, Buddy Burbank? But his greatest masterpiece has yet to be experienced... HOLLYWOOD HIJINX, starring you! Your Uncle Buddy and Aunt Hildegarde have passed away, but their memory lives on in their Malibu mansion, filled with a life-time of Hollywood memorabilia. And you've inherited it all, with one stipulation - you can only claim the booty if you find the treasures hidden throughout the sprawling beachfront estate. If you can't find the treasures in one night, you lose the whole caboodle.
Hollywood Hijinx was Infocom's 24th game. It was written by Dave Anderson and Liz Cyr-Jones.

Your rich eccentric childless Aunt died and she left you her house, - if you manage to spend a night in it and find the 10 treasures she hid! If you succeed some of your relatives won't be very happy...

Hollywood Hijinx
Hollywood Hijinx (game) by Infocom

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