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Published on 12/13/2006
Planetfall was Infocom's 8th game (and the 3rd science fiction game). It was written by Steve Meretzky.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Planetfall (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1983, Infocom
Steve Meretzky

Difficulty Level: Standard

"Join the Patrol, and see the Galaxy!" You took the poster's advice, bait and all, and marched right over to the recruitment station near your home on the backwater planet of Gallium. Images of exotic worlds, strange and colourful aliens, Deep Space Heroism had danced in your head as you signed the dotted line. And since that day the closest you've come to Deep Space Heroism was scrubbing down the radioactive leper colony on Ishmael-3. But suppose that jumbo fortune cookie you got at Quang's Take-Out Asteroid last shore leave was right. Maybe you will indeed narrowly escape disaster.

Planetfall was Infocom's 8th game (and the 3rd science fiction game).
It was written by Steve Meretzky.

You are an officer of the Stellar Patrol (a Seventh-Class Ensign!) serving
aboard the S.P.S."Feinstein". The past two months of your life were not that great and having First-Class Ensign Blather ordering you around doesn't help much. You hope that something exciting may happen...

Planetfall (game) by Infocom

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