Plundered Hearts
Plundered Hearts (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1987, Infocom
Amy Briggs

Difficulty Level: Introductory

In the 17th century, the seas are as wild as the untamed heart of a young woman. But when you set out on the schooner Lafond Deux, bound for the West Indies, your thoughts are only of your ailing father who awaits your care. Little do you know that your innocent journey will soon turn to dangerous adventure. You barely survive an encounter with pirates, whose plans for you include a fate worse than death. The explosives, the rocky reefs, the vicious crocodile - all these are obstacles which you must overcome with cunning and agility. True, it's not easy; but at least you can control your fate. What you cannot control is much more dangerous: your passion for Nicholas Jamison, the handsome pirate captain.
Plundered Hearts was Infocom's 29th game (and the only romance!). It was written by Amy Briggs.

You are a gorgeous Englishwoman of the late 1600s. You received a message from your sick father and you travelled to the west indies to help him. However, as the game begins, your ship is attacked by pirates...

Plundered Hearts
Plundered Hearts (game) by Infocom

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