Seastalker (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1984, Infocom
Stu Galley and Jim Lawrence.

Difficulty Level: Junior

There's something down there in the ocean, something terrifying. And you have to face it - because only you can save the Aquadome, the world's first undersea research station. The alarm sounds and your submarine, the Scimitar, is docked nearby. But not so fast - you haven't even tested the Scimitat in deep water, and the crew at the Aquadome may have a traitor in its ranks. So be careful! You have many possibilities to consider, mysteries to unravel and life-and-death decisions to make! Success won't come easily. It may not come at all.

Seastalker was Infocom's 12th game (and the 1st to be officially aimed at the beginner adventurer). It was written by Stu Galley (the author of The Witness), and Jim Lawrence.

You are the captain of the two-man submarine "Scimitar" (which you designed yourself). At the beginning of the game you are notified that the Aquadome is under attack by a sea monster. Can you save it? (and find who sabotages the Aquadome from the inside?). Take your sub to the Aquadome and work with its personnel to resolve the situation!

Seastalker (game) by Infocom

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