Spellbreaker (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1985, Infocom
Dave Lebling

Difficulty Level: Expert

SPELLBREAKER, the riveting conclusion to the ENCHANTER trilogy, explores the mysterious underpinnings of the Zorkian universe. A world founded on sorcery suddenly finds its magic failing, and only you, leader of the circle of Enchanters, can uncover and destroy the cause of this paralyzing chaos. The very core of your civilization is under siege, and only a perilous journey through the black foundation of magic itself will yield a chance for survival. And although your triumph over this unknown Evil is uncertain, you must embark without hesitation and prove yourself the worthiest mage in the land.

Spellbreaker was Infocom's 18th game (the 7th fantasy story and the final part of the Enchanter trilogy). It was written by Dave Lebling, the co-author of the ZORK trilogy, Enchanter and sole-author of Starcross and Suspect.

After rescuing your mentor Belboz (in SORCERER), you became leader of the Circle of Enchanters. Now, a great challenge awaits you. Magic seems not to be working anymore! If it continues like that you will soon be out of business...

Spellbreaker (game) by Infocom

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