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Published on 12/13/2006
Starcross was Infocom's 5th game after the 3 ZORKS and Deadline, and was written by Dave Lebling, the co-author of the Zork Trilogy.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Starcross (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1982, Infocom
Dave Lebling

Difficulty Level: Expert

STARCROSS, Infocom's science fiction mind-bender, launches you headlong into the year 2186 and the depths of space. And not without good reason, for you are destined to rendezvous with a gargantuan starship from the outer fringes of the galaxy. Upon docking with the strange craft, you must succeed in gaining entry to its mysterious interior. Once within, you will encounter a microcosm of the galaxy, peopled with both harmful and helpful beings. But the great starship serves a far larger purpose than mere cultural exchange. It bears a challenge that was issued eons ago, from light years away - and only you can meet it.

Starcross was Infocom's 5th game after the 3 ZORKs and Deadline, and was written by Dave Lebling, the co-author of the Zork Trilogy.

You are an average black-hole miner of 2186 AD and with your good vessel (the M.C.M."Starcross") you are searching routinely for quantum black holes, but instead you find an alien spaceship...

Starcross (game) by Infocom

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