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Published on 12/14/2006
Trinity was Infocom's 21st game. It was written by Brian Moriarty, the author of Wishbringer.

Interactive Fiction for the Commodore 64
Trinity (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1986, Infocom
Brian Moriarty

Difficulty Level: Standard

It's the last day of your $599 London vacation. Unfortunately it's also the first day of World War III. Only seconds remain before an H-bomb vaporizes the city... and you with it. Unless you escape to another time, another dimension. For every atomic explosion unlocks the door to a secret universe; a plane between fantasy and reality; filled with curious artefacts and governed by its own mischievous logic. You'll crisscross time and space as you explore this fascinating universe, learning to control its inexorable power. Trinity leads you on a journey back to the dawn of the atomic age... and puts the course of history in your hands.
Trinity was Infocom's 21st game. It was written by Brian Moriarty, the author of Wishbringer.

You are a tourist who visits London a little while before it is atomised by one of WWIII's atomic bombs. As you manage to escape through time to another era you wonder... can you do something to change the future? However, when you find yourself in a fantasy world full of strange creatures, the question becomes... can you survive? If you manage to do that for a long enough time, you'll have to figure out the pattern that things work in your newfound universe and travel back in time to the Trinity site before the explosion of the first atomic bomb! What will you do there? You'll find out when the right time comes (and NO, you won't become the next Incredible Hulk!).

The games internal clock counts 1 minute for every move you take (except when you type "TIME" which tells you the time!). When you type WAIT, you wait for 10 minutes.

Trinity (game) by Infocom

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