Zork III: The Dungeon Master
Zork III - The Dungeon Master (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1983, Infocom
Dave Lebling and Marc Blank.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

An old, oddly youthful man turns toward you slowly. His long, silver hair dances about him as a fresh breeze blows. "You have reached the final test, my friend! You are proved clever and powerful, but this is not yet enough! Seek me when you feel yourself worthy!" Zork III: The Dungeon Master draws you into the deepest most mysterious reaches of the Great Underground Empire. Nothing is as it seems. And the one responsible for the shadow and darkness - the Dungeon Master - embodies the greatest mystery of all. In this test of wisdom and courage, you will face countless dangers. But what awaits you at the culmination of your odyssey is well worth risking all.

Zork III - The Dungeon Master was Infocom's 4th game after Zork I, II, and Deadline, and was written by Dave Lebling and Marc Blank, the authors of all previous Infocom releases.

In Zork III you have to confront the DUNGEON MASTER. More traps to avoid, and more tricks to find out...

Zork III: The Dungeon Master
Zork III - The Dungeon Master (game) by Infocom

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