Sheep In Space - Llamasoft
Sheep In Space by Llamasoft
Sheep In Space, released in 1984.

Just when you thought Jeff Minter's imagination could not get any more wilder, he came up with Sheep In Space!

Basically a sideways scrolling shootem-up with the lead character being a flying sheep.

Completely ridiculous in every way, but this is what makes a Minter game unique and such a different experience to your usual run-of-the-mill shootem-up.

Although playable and addictive it is quite hard, like some of his other games. A strange but fun game with 48 levels of action.
Batalyx, released in 1985.

An interesting game that involves six sub-games that have to be completed within a certain time frame. During the sub-games you may collect an icon, there are 5 in total, once all 5 are collected you win the game.

The 6 sub-games are:
Hallucin-o-bomblets, Attack of the Mutant Camels 2, Iridis Base, Cippy on the Run, Synchro II and Psychedelia. These sub games range from shootem-ups to a light synthesiser!

The games vary in difficulty, so to prevail a wise head is needed to tackle the hardest sub-games first.

Batalyx - Llamasoft
Batalyx by Llamasoft

Mama Llama - Llamasoft
Mama Llama by Llamasoft
Mama Llama, released in 1985.

From the title you will ascertain that not surprisingly this is another game featuring a Llama - but this time, your objective is to protect a family of Llamas through many levels of mayhem.

It's similar to Revenge of the Mutant Camels, but technically more impressive. Unfortunately it is quite complex, which results in the game being less accessible and therefore hinders the fun factor.

You would probably need to be a die-hard Jeff Minter fan to appreciate this game, rather than condemn it, which perhaps unfairly, most seem to do.

Iridis Alpha, released in 1986.

Mindbending and very difficult but what else would you expect from a Jeff Minter game!

Cleverly constructed, based around a planetary system and to progress you need to deposit energy and eliminate a certain number of aliens to warp to another planet.

Speed is of the essence, as you will need to move quickly to ensure you don't end up fried.

Graphically and sonically impressive and with perserverance rewarding gameplay. One of the best games to be released by Llamasoft.

Iridis Alpha - Llamasoft
Iridis Alpha by Hewson Consultants Ltd