Hover Bovver released in 1983 was one of Jeff Minter's most enjoyable games - a truly great concept. Featuring bright, well defined colourful graphics, 16 levels and great gameplay. You play the part of Gordon Bennet who needs to mow lawns but requires a lawnmower, so he steals (borrows) a lawnmower from his Neighbour.

The object of the game is simple, mow the lawn as fast as you can without overheating the mower or before the neighbour recovers the mower. You can set your dog on the neighbour to buy some time. But don’t ruin the flower beds or the gardener will come after you and keep your eye on the dog loyalty / tolerance bar - or you’ll be in real trouble!

Hover Bovver - Llamasoft
Hover Bovver  by Llamasoft

Hover Bovver - Llamasoft
Llamasoft Hover Bovver Cover

The design and layout of the different gardens are wonderful, with fencing and flower beds.  If you glance at the title screen of the game you will notice that it states the game design was by P.K. and J.C. Minter. P.K. Minter was Jeff's father Pat and who was largely responsible for the graphic design. Obviously a great partnership because the results speak for themselves.

The title screen is cute with Gordon and his mower zipping across the screen to the music “English country garden!”. The in-game sound effects are impressive, especially as you move the clunky mower around the garden, with varying degrees of success!

Flymo - Jeff Minter
Jeff Minter and Flymo

Mower - Jeff Minter
Jeff Minter and Mower

A British company 'Flymo' which in the late 60's created the world's first electric hover mower, considered using Hover Bovver as a promotional tool for its 'Flymo' lawnmower. Eventually they decided against it. Following the success of the game, Flymo must of kicked themselves for missing this opportunity.