Who else do you like in the industry?
Of the English lot... very few. I like Taskset because their stuff is witty and pretty original. I play some of the Activision stuff - it's very nicely done with good ideas - the games are simple but enjoyable. HERO and Toy Bizarre especially. Pitfall 2 is a great game on the VCS. I've always respected Activision from early days when I owned a VCS; they bought out Activision Tennis which is about two-thirds as good as Psion's version, but it was written in 2K!
Why did you call your company Llamasoft?
I'd always been notorious at school for being into camels - and llamas were a natural progression, being camel-related. I read about them in a book when I was at sixth form. I knew they existed but I saw pictures of them and though, 'Wow, these beasts are really nice'.
Why the old-hippy style? Why the beard and long hair?
It's just the way I am really. I've always been into Pink Floyd and that sort of thing. It's the way i'm most relaxed. I'm not doing it for publicity as some cynical people would say.
But you do get a lot of publicity - you have a high profile in the industry!
It's nice, but I don't go out there looking for it!.

Big K - Jeff Minter
"There are times when I feel like quitting, but i'll always be writing games"

What about Interceptor Micros? In a lot of their recent games they've been openly courting you by using characters like Jeff the Jippy Jester and Llamaburgers in their games.
That's their bad trip, not mine. For some reason they dislike me. I haven't upset them knowingly. I actually thought Interceptor were looking up when they released Siren City. It wasn't brilliantly programmed but it was an original concept. I thought they had got their act together - when they suddenly started doing Manic Miner stuff and more arcade clones - they're no worse than anyone else over cloning.
Big K - Jeff Minter

Are you getting to the stage where you want to drop everything and go away and forget it?
Yes. There are times when I feel like quitting. But I would always be writing games anyway. I'm going to carry on writing games but i'm not going to mind if they don't get into this week's mega-funky top thirty! In the early days charts were OK because they were put together by guys who ran computer shops, like the one in the VIC centre where the guys would show you all the games. It was representative then, a good game would do well - a bad game would bomb. Nowadays all the charts reflect is, who's got the most efficient marketing organisation or who the distributors have designed to buy from this month. It just doesn't mean anything.
What games would you personally take to a desert island?
Rescue on Fractalus!, Star Raiders, obviously, probably Elite when I want a more intellectual version of Star Raiders. Elite is a thinking man's Star Raiders.
Should we ban the bomb?
Yes, we certainly should!
Are you in favour of the Greenham Women?
Yes. They're doing an important job down there, while other people there are playing at soldiers.
There is a distinct lack of men thought. Do you think men should go down and give them support?
If they want to make a feminist point at the same time that doesn't really bother me because they're making a very important point about cruise missiles in the first place. The feminist issue is their trip - I'm not exactly a sexist bloke.
Now you mention it, which do you prefer - male or female Llamas?
Female ones of course! What do you take me for?