Big K - Software Superstars - Jeff Minter - Andy Walker - Tony Crowther - Matthew Smith

Software Superstars

"Who" (we asked ourselves) " knows more about games, game writing

and computers than anybody else in the known universe".

"Easy" (we told ourselves), "the guys who write the hits. In person. All at once."

So we sent for TONY TAKOUSHI, he got on the case, and

on a day in December, Four of the Best came south, to BIG K.

Without further ado, therefore, we present...

Tony Crowther - RATT - Programmer
Matthew Smith - Programmer
Jeff Minter - YAK - Programmer
Andy Walker - Programmer
wrote Potty Pigeon, Son of Blagger, Suicide Express and Loco. Now runs own company, Wizard Developments. Famous for smooth scrolling.
Wrote Manic Miner and Big K's Game of the Year, Jet Set Willy. Writes on a Tandy business micro. Co-director of Software Projects.
famous above all for camel/llama/sheep series of blasters, also for Pink Floyd/CND affinities. Self-confessed purist. Owns Llamasoft.
Team leader at Taskset (Jammin', Cad Cam Warrior and Seaside Special). At 92, marginally older than the others.