machine that's its selling power.
TC: It's a new machine and I'm not too sure just how well it will sell, although I do feel it should do well.
JM: I think it's got a lot of Mummy Appeal. Mothers will go into shops, see the package - which includes a monitor so it doesn't take up the TV - good basic and all that, so I think it'll get bought for a lot of first-time users by Mummikins or Daddypops.
AW: The Amstrad is the only machine to arrive fully completed. The PCB inside is a masterpiece, no bits of wire around. The O/S is well written and its future looks good.

Which of you have or will be writing for it?
How about the Plus Four?

JM: It's nicer because you can simulate sprites with the extra memory. It's like programming a C64 - you go to the register map and it's just the same, even though it's not as flexible with sound and sprites. I won't aim particularly for the Plus Four because it's not an interrupt-driven machine and it's getting a bit upmarket.
MS: I don't know that much about it.
AW: It looks reasonable but I'm not convinced it will succeed yet, even though it may be selling well. I cannot believe that somebody at Commodore said, "Let's ditch the SID and VIC chips and produce a new machine". The sprites and
Big K - Superstars - Andy Walker - Matthew Smith - Tony Takoushi
"The Amstrad is the only fully completed machine.
The PCB inside is a masterpiece."
Big K - Superstars - Jeff Minter - Tony Tyler - Tony Crowther
greet news of coffee machine going down with astonishment and dismay.
menus on assorted other machines. It's bound to happen because its so nice. The single-drive, small-module machine; any real system needs more than one drive.
If a competitor arrives with a similar machine with more backup then Apple could have the carpet taken from underneath them.

I haven't seen the machine but from what I've heard it's the machine of the future. I'm not planning to get one so it's pretty much up in the air.
MS: I believe it's a compromise on what they wanted to do with the Lisa.
Does anybody plan to write for the 8080 or 68000? Are you challenged by mega-chips like that?

JM: I'm definitely not chip phobic. The thought of those chips with all those instructions and speed makes me drool!
MS: The current 8-bit micros do have their limits, but people ignore them and keep stretching more out of the machines.
AW: The next generation could well break barriers and start the first real interactive style of game.

Thank you all very much.
MS: We have.
JM: I will be doing some conversions for it but nothing original.

What's the view of the Commodore 16?

JM: Again, I'll convert a couple of games for it. I do like the colours and I may do some colour-based games. It really is a good entry level package.
MS: I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.


MS: Because Commodore want me to, and I don't want them to do it again, they've done it two times already with VICs and C64's.
sound are the two biggest selling points of micros today.

Now for one of the hottest micros around - the Macintosh!

I love the Macintosh because it's so nice to use. My only criticisms are that it doesn't have enough memory and only one disc drive. If enough are sold then I'd love to do something on it.
MS: I don't think it can be classed as a home computer of the way it's presented.
AW: Taskset doesn't have any plans to release software for the Mac, although it's a thoroughly reliable machine. But it may be desirable because of the screen display. I've not actually used -
Big K - Superstars - Andy Walker - Matthew Smith - Tony Takoushi - Jeff Minter - Tony Crowther
THE TEAM: one consensus was that Distributors are "evil" and strangle the market.
AW: I haven't really given it much thought. I'll wait and see how it develops.
TC: I like the machine even though there's no sprites. It's got the smooth-scroll and colours.
one so I can't really say anything about its facility for games. The screen display we'll be seeing on other machines this year - you will see that breed of hi-res pull-down Do you see a time when 16-bit games will be selling for £100?

JM: £100 for a game? You've got to be crazy?