The Biggest Computer Game In The World - Cad Cam Warrior

It's called CAD-CAM WARRIOR, by TaskSet,

and it boasts eight thousand different screens.

Yes, you heard right-eight thousand,

Is this the standard of the New Epic?


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AS THEY prepared for the 25th Cadcam International Show, it became obvious that the boys from Enviro UK would really have to move.

They had booked most of the first floor as space only - and that's just the way it looked with just 24 hours before the doors opened. There was no sign of hi-tech stands, demo equipment or contractors while all around the air was filled with the clamour of build-up day.

Only four miles away in the Victoria Court clean air complex the calm atmosphere of Research HQ-Enviro UK heaved and shattered as Bob Marsh hit the roof. None of the ultra cool wafers had arrived, the holograph interpreter wouldn't gel and now MAD-2 (micro assembly droid) was just plain missing!

Bob is project leader for the total environment wraparound
program. All(!) he has to achieve is the translation of living requirements into structures. The breakthrough came two years ago when the imaging lasers were successfully integrated with a threadsheet spinner. The principle has been developed so that now the designers schematic - displayed by imaging lasers - can be directly translated into a solid structure.

This production facility is linked to a modified A1-128 from GDC (the artificial intelligence people) so that the program can comprehend what is meant by 'A cleaner concept for living' - then design and build 'the better living environment'.

The major modification to the control hardware was the use of background wafers to provide the huge active database of living standards - everything from building regulations to the dreams of humble dwellings. The idea of booking space only
at the show was brilliant. In the center will sit the Enviro demonstration unit - the surrounding area will hold all those structures created by it. The (selected) show visitor simply states his requirements then has his mind blown as the suggested structure is constructed there and then! How can we fail - we're going to be RICH!

Bob Marsh wasn't feeling rich - he was feeling sick. There was no time to wallow - he had to make the decision to go. Go for it - pack the gear, ship it down to Olympia 3, send a runner for the wafers (they're preloaded) and we'll fit them on site, grab some fixers and tweak the hi-interps on the way down.

You should have seen their faces - acres of low-start flooring to fill and we turned up with two small trucks and the E frame. There was no point in keeping anything under wraps - none of the incredulous
contractors would guess the nature of the breakthrough, and anyway we still had work to do.

Set-up only took three hours and the laser alignment was going well. We still lacked the wafers but they were on their way...

THE SCENE is set for the biggest arcade adventure in micro history. It's called Cad-Cam Warrior and it's from one of the leading games houses in the UK, Taskset.

The screen chart on the following page is just a small part of Cad-Cam Warrior's overall map scenario. Each colour code designates a new screen 'system'.

Short cuts (at junctions) CAN be taken... provided you've done well (and quickly) enough when you reach the option point. Otherwise it's the long haul...

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