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Pitfall II

Bohdan Buciak

Worked for Commodore User magazine in the early 80's writing articles for the Commodore 64.

This Author is no longer active in the Commodore scene but an Author account has been setup so that any articles by this author that are reproduced from Commodore User magazine and published on The Commodore Zone are creditted to this original author.

 Articles by this Author

Taskset In Profile

Taskset is a relative newcomer to the make or break world of home computer games; it's been trading for little over one year. But its protagonists cut their teeth earlier than most by producing games for real arcade machines. Now they've turned their collective attention exclusively to the Commodore 64 and have produced a string of eccentric yet original games that seem to pop up regularly in the games charts. Bohdan Buciak took the stopping train to sunny Bridlington to meet the creators of Rankin' Rodney and Bozo.

Profile - David Crane

David Crane's work is almost exclusively for the C64. But his reputation in America is based on the VCS titles he wrote for Activision. Games like Pitfall I and II and Decathlon were all classics and Pitfall is reputed to have sold more than five million copies around the world. When Pitfall fever was at its height one American magazine suggested that Crane had earned more money from royalties on Pitfall than Michael Jackson had currently earned for Thriller.