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Kevin Cox

Worked for Your Commodore magazine in the early 80's writing articles for the Commodore 64.

This Author is no longer active in the Commodore scene but an Author account has been setup so that any articles by this author that are reproduced from Your Commodore magazine and published on The Commodore Zone are creditted to this original author. 

 Articles by this Author


I visited Jeff Minter at home in his family's bungalow in Tadley, a village half-way between Reading and Basingstoke. As soon as you arrive, you know Jeff lives there. On the wall is a large painted Llama. Inside they're everywhere. The room Jeff works in is a specially built extension packed with computer equipment: C64, Vic, C16 (he'd just bought one), Apple, Atari, MSX, BBC, QL plus his stereo compact disc and the video machines, including The Tempest and Atari's Star Wars. But the most striking feature of the room is the mural all along one wall. And the subject matter? Llamas, of course. And then the Llamas on top of the monitors - fluffy ones, plastic ones, metal ones. Not to mention the camels and the alpacas.