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Jeff Minter

Games programmer who also worked freelance for various Commodore magazines in the early 80's writing articles.

This Author is still active in the Commodore scene and an Author account has been setup so that any articles by this author that are reproduced from computer magazines and published on The Commodore Zone are creditted to this original author.

 Articles by this Author

The Camelid Tour 84

It all started early in 1984, just after I'd moved in to my new lab/games room extension. I'd decided to have a mural done all down one wall of lots of llamas. The artist who came to do the painting brought lots of source material featuring my favourite beasts, and in one magazine was an article about someone who'd been to Peru, the very centre of camelid territory, for a holiday.

As any follower of my game style will doubtless know, I have long been a fan of llamas and Peruvian stuff in general. It had often seemed to me to be a good idea to actually go there, but I did not think that many people ran tours there. There could not be very many llama freaks in England wanting to go...

Minter Mania

The world's hairiest programmer turns his back on children's comics and starts a series for Commodore Horizons magazine... anything could happen!

Confessions of a Compunet Junkie... I've had a modem for quite a while now, and up until the Commodore show I didn't really use it much, but I logged on the week after the show and... well... I haven't been to bed before Net shutdown at 3am since!

YakZappin'... Well I got my copy of Elite and sure it's zarjaz but it's just not Star Raiders... Seriously though, it's well put together; if you liked it on the Beeb then you'll love it on the C64, the docking sequence is hyper-hyper, especially if you've a Docking Computer and you put that ace '2001' music on: the computer docks at breakneck speed to the accompaniment of the Blue Danube waltz...