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Chris Anderson

Editor of Zzap!64 magazine in the early 80's and writing articles for the Commodore 64.

This Author is no longer active in the Commodore scene but an Author account has been setup so that any articles by this author that are reproduced from Zzap!64 magazine and published on The Commodore Zone are creditted to this original author.

 Articles by this Author

Super being a Superstar!

It's barely a year since the yellow topped, lightning-fingered Tony Crowther burst upon the games-playing scene with a series of stunning programs for Alligata: Killer Watt, Blagger, Loco and Son of Blagger. He's continued to make waves since then, changing companies twice and rewriting his earlier hits as well as producing new graphical wonders. But what kind of person really is this 19 year old whizz kid? Zzap! 64 reveals for the first time the full Tony Crowther story in this interview with editor Chris Anderson.