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The End Zone
The End Zone is dedicated to end of game sequences. It is based on an idea that has been pioneered by other retro gaming websites, but with the objective of providing the most definitive and complete 'end of game' information ever assembled for games featured.

Due to the lead-time required providing this facility for you. Games featured in the End Zone will be specially selected and added when time permits. The first few games to feature in the End Zone are: Bruce Lee, Ghettoblaster, Impossible Mission, and Zorro.

Every 'End Zone' game will incorporate flash video of the end of game sequence that can be played online. If we deem a game to warrant special ‘Advanced’ treatment, like Bruce Lee, we will provide, a full flash video walkthrough of the entire game, from beginning to end and consider adding suitable music to the video.

Where possible and if practical, a full image and text walkthrough will be provided. For example, The Commodore Zone presents for the first time ever, a full image and text walkthrough of the game Zorro by Datasoft - that is exclusive to The Commodore Zone.

Each End Zone game where appropriate will be presented in the following way:

Standard - Flash video of end game sequence, game cover, game advert, credit information, text excerpt from original cover, short introductory text by TCZ, cheat / poke codes and game map (if applicable).

Advanced - As standard, but will also include, full image and text walkthrough and if appropriate specially edited flash video of the game from beginning to end.

We hope you appreciate the effort that has been made to provide this feature and we hope to add more games in the near future. Please use the comment / rating feature on each End Zone game to tell us what you think, and if you have any suggestions for improvements or spot any errors, then please contact us.

Bruce Lee

A classic platform game. It may have some crude graphics and sound, but the game play is top notch. In it's day it was highly regarded and even now still holds up amazingly well. Simply, one of the best platform games ever written for a home computer. The level design is well thought out, and the in-game obstacles, like streaming pan lights, electrical charges and moving vines are genius. Some nice graphical touches, like turning the lanterns off and the T'sung-lin bushes that are activated by running over them. Includes a 1 or 2 player option.


Ghettoblaster is  a game by ex-taskset programmer Tony Gibson and musician Mark Harrison. In the game you play the part of Rockin' Rodney, moving around streets, searching for music tapes, in a town called Funky! The graphics and sound are in typical Taskset style, with bold and colourful characters, nicely drawn streets and some suitable dance beat music. The game is fun and certainly entertaining for a short-while, but boredom soon sets in, due to the constant going back and forth to collect music tapes, it just becomes a bit tedious.

Impossible Mission

"Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!". Who can forget that speech which greeted you upon entering the game? If you had a wish list for the features you would want in a game, chances are most of them would be found in Impossible Mission. It was and is one of the best C64 games ever conceived. This classic game revolves around the mad Professor Elvin Atombender, who is intent on world domination. Your mission is to enter his lair and save the day. To do so, you will need to move through numerous rooms in the complex via elevator lift shafts, searching for pieces of a puzzle to stop him.


This is a game based around the story of the legend of Zorro, including all the classic Zorro ingredients, a kidnapped senorita, an evil enemy leader and his henchmen and of course the obligatory swordfight! The same company that brought you the mighty Bruce Lee developed this game. The graphics are similar, crude but functional. The sound is quite basic, with rather timid sound effects and the music is short and repetitive. This game has been very harshly treated since its release and in my opinion, totally underrated.