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Infocom - Moonmist Infocom was one of the best known software companies for creating interactive fiction, also known as text adventures. It was rather like a computerised version of a novel, but where you, the user played a key part in the unfolding story and hopefully succeed in discovering the end of the story.

Highly successful and popular Infocom games released, were Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and the Zork series. Some Infocom games also had the added distinction of being packaged with comprehensive documentation and other material, to help heighten the atmosphere during play and were required to complete a game.

Although other software companies were developing text based adventures they tended to be extremely limited, with primitive verb/noun style parsers. The advanced nature and technical superiority of Infocom's parser meant that you could type in sentences, or simple words and the game engine would be able to understand and 'parse' your text correctly. Because there were no graphics, the text of the story was of a very high quality and due to the depth and quantity of the text it made for a very engrossing game, which also happened to fire your imagination, trying to visualise situations during a game.

Many years after of Infocom's initial success, other companies tried to replicate Infocom's parser, one of the best was Magnetic Scrolls, who released games, like the Pawn and Corruption, and also Interplay who released Mindshadow and Borrowed Time. These games featured the addition of well drawn graphics. They were known as illustrated text adventures. However, nothing could really beat Infocom's parser or story telling abilities, and they certainly will be remembered as the 'king' of this genre.

Please find below the complete INFOCOM collection for the Commodore 64. This collection was compiled by Dimitris Kiminas for the original Commodore Zone. The C64 emulators available, like CCS64 or Vice, will allow you to play any Infocom game and due to fast disk loading routines that these emulators now employ, the games will load almost instantly. You will also notice no delay when loading new text during a game, unlike on a real C64, making the game play, much more enjoyable!
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Suspended - A Cryogenic Nightmare was Infocom's 6th game after the ZORKs, Deadline, and Starcross, (and the 2nd science fiction game). It was written by Michael Berlyn.


Trinity was Infocom's 21st game. It was written by Brian Moriarty, the author of Wishbringer.


Wishbringer was Infocom's 16th game (the 6th fantasy story and the 2nd aimed at the beginner adventurer). It was written by Brian Moriarty.


The Witness was Infocom's 7th game (and the 2nd mystery game). It was written by Stu Galley.

Zork I

Zork I - The Great Underground Empire was Infocom's 1st game, published in 1979, and was written by Dave Lebling and Marc Blank.

Zork II

Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz was Infocom's 2nd game and was written by Dave Lebling and Marc Blank, the authors of Zork I.

Zork III

Zork III - The Dungeon Master was Infocom's 4th game after Zork I, II, and Deadline, and was written by Dave Lebling and Marc Blank, the authors of all previous Infocom releases.

ZorkQuest I

ZorkQuest I - Assault on Egreth Castle was written by Elisabeth Langosy and Tom Snyder and was released in April 1988.

ZorkQuest II

ZorkQuest II was written by Elisabeth Langosy and Tom Snyder, the authors of ZorkQuest I, and was released in August 1988.
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