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Electronic Speech Systems

Speech Box

With the huge success of computer games in the early 80’s a company which started in the 1970's suddenly appeared on the Commodore 64 scene called Electronic Speech Systems (ESS). This amazing and innovative company enabled a Commodore 64 to speak using software code and did not require any special hardware.

Talking Heads

More and more computer games are including the sound of human (and non-human) voices. Pick up a copy of Kennedy Approach, Impossible Mission, Beach-Head II, Jump Jet or Ghostbusters and you'll see what I mean. Not only is speech synthesis being used very widely, but the quality is amazingly clear and improving all the time.

Sensory Inc.

Todd Mozer’s expertise in speech synthesis came from his work at Electronic Speech Systems (ESS) based in Berkeley, California, USA, in the early 80’s. A company that developed software speech technology, built primarily on the research of his Father, Professor Forrest Mozer.