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In the history of home computing there are numerous examples of innovative and technically impressive companies appearing and then suddenly disappearing without trace, usually because of financial reasons. One of these companies was Andy Walker's Taskset, with the obscure slogan ‘Taskset – the bugs stops here!” – a company that was way ahead of its time which developed highly original, technically sophisticated software for the Commodore 64 computer, way beyond what other companies were producing at the time.

Taskset In Profile

Taskset is a relative newcomer to the make or break world of home computer games; it's been trading for little over one year. But its protagonists cut their teeth earlier than most by producing games for real arcade machines. Now they've turned their collective attention exclusively to the Commodore 64 and have produced a string of eccentric yet original games that seem to pop up regularly in the games charts. Bohdan Buciak took the stopping train to sunny Bridlington to meet the creators of Rankin' Rodney and Bozo.

Is the Force with Taskset's Skywalker?

IT'S TAKEN some time for the software houses to take the Commodore 64 to their hearts. Many still rely heavily on converting versions of Spectrum games, often with no attempt to improve them. Even worse, many companies simply reproduce the same tired old variants of Pac-Man, Frogger and Space Invaders ad nauseam.

The Biggest Computer Game In The World

It is called CAD CAM WARRIOR, by TaskSet, and it boasts eight thousand different screens. Yes, you heard right-eight thousand, is this the standard of the New Epic? TONY TAKOUSHI reports... A BIG K EXCLUSIVE.