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Martin Galway

Martin Galway

I think its fair to say that there were not many musicians on the Commodore 64 music scene that could rival Rob Hubbard, who set a very high benchmark on the C64. But there was one notable exception, a young and talented computer musician, that could not only rival Hubbard, but at times even surpass him! It is of course Martin Galway (nephew of the famous flutist Sir James Galway).

Night Tripping On The Late Fantastic

Music has become such an important and interesting aspect of Commodore 64 games that the people who write it are worth catching hold of for a chat. SEAN MASTERSON was sent 'home' to Manchester to talk to the man behind so much of Ocean's great compositions: MARTIN GALWAY. But he found the maestro had flown.

Rambo - The Making Of The Game

The paste had hardly dried on the film posters before we heard that Rambo was to be made into a game by Ocean. How did they get it? And just how do you go about turning a 90 minute feature film into a game? Mike 'Hotshots' Pattenden travelled away to Manchester to find out.

Since the success of Ghostbusters, games based on films are now a major source of income to the software world. But these days it's no longer a case of basing a game upon a popular film, A View To A Kill changed all that. Now the game is launched while the film is still rolling in the cinemas.