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Little Computer People

Little Computer People - LCP Little Computer People (LCP) was released in 1985 by Activision Inc. Designed by David Crane, based on an original idea by Rich Gold, with music by Russell Lieblich.

This area is dedicated to the Commodore 64 disk version of LCP and contains everything you ever wanted to know about LCP. A one stop LCP resource!

TCZ has extensive knowledge of LCP and has created an entire disk library for every LCP name ever released on the Commodore 64 disk version of the game, this is a first and has never been attempted before and is exclusive to The Commodore Zone.

Due to the way that LCP was developed, every LCP disk released was indeed "unique". Although an LCP may share the same name - the possibility of an LCP disk having the same name, personality and colour of clothes is remote.

We hope you enjoy this page and appreciate the time and effort that went into creating the TCZ LCP disk library.

In this websites previous incarnation you could only access the LCP archive by being a registered member of the discussion forum or member file sharing archive. Since, the member file sharing archive is no longer available, the entire LCP disk library is available here - but to access the content you must be a member of TCZ - this is to minimise the possibility of leaching the files and to protect website content from spammers. Please Contact Us for more information.

The House

After years of speculation and months of intensive work, the Activision Little Computer People Research Group (ALCPRG) has successfully discovered and actually drawn out dozens of small, living creatures who have been trapped in the confines of standard, store-bought computers just like yours. And now, an inexpensive commercial version of the actual laboratory design is available for your use. Yes, you can own you very own 2 and a half storey House-on-a-Disk and that means you can soon meet a Little Computer person residing inside your computer. Just look at some of the things you and your new-found friend can do.

Text excerpt taken from the cover of the original disk version of the Little Computer People ©Copyright 1985 Activision Inc.

The Specs

Admit it. Haven't you ever wondered - even just for a second - what really goes on inside your computer? If so, then an important recently-announced research discovery will be of special interest to you! The answer is fascinating. The discovery itself took dozens of researchers, hundreds of thousands of dollars, the most technically advanced equipment and years of scientific speculation and hard work. The precise process is based on an incredible, state-of-the-art piece of software. It's a unique fully-equipped 2 and half storey "House-on-a-Disk". When loaded into a computer, it will not only draw out one of the Little Computer People but will actually become the Person's permanent residence.

Text excerpt taken from the cover of the original disk version of the Little Computer People ©Copyright 1985 Activision Inc.