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C64 Databases - Sherlock
The databases area is for providing a searchable information resource for Commodore 64 games, reviews, images and music. It is our intention that these databases will be updated on a regular basis by registered members and TCZ administrators or moderators. The objective of this resource is to bring a lot of information together and make it as accessible as possible.

We hope you will find this a fun and useful resource. If you have any suggestions for improvements or spot any errors, especially with the Games Database then please use the Contact Us form from the menu above.

C64 Game

Game database for the Commodore 64. Featuring information on popular C64 games mentioned throughout the TCZ website, database currently contains around 1050 games. Visitors can rate, comment and search game information in the database.

C64 Demo

Demo database by TCZ contributor Matt, uses same database engine as the C64 game database. Featuring popular C64 demos, database currently contains around 750 demos. Registered members can rate, comment, edit and search demo information in the database.

C64 Music

SID music database for Commodore 64 games and demos, which utilises information from the High Voltage Sid Collection (HVSC) © High Technology Publishing. SID music can be searched by tune name, artist or copyright year. Uses a simple and fast searchable text only database that provides a useful resource for finding and downloading sid tunes.

The C64 Internet Games Database. Based on the original and popular C64 game search engine that first appeared in 1998. Updated for todays top C64 websites! Over 30000 entries! Uses a simple and fast searchable text only database that provides a unique resource for finding that illusive game!