Ghettoblaster Cover
Ghettoblaster by Virgin Games
Published: 1985, Virgin Games
Programmer: Tony Gibson
Musician: Mark Harrison
Genre: Arcade
Options: 1 Player
Media: Disk/Tape
Magazine Review: Zzap!64 69% issue 3 (1985)
Downloads: Map, Faq, Instructions

At last Rockin' Rodney's big break. He's finally got a job as a messenger for a record company. He has to deliver ten demo tapes to Interdisc's head office on Funky Street before the end of the day. It's also part of Rockin' Rodney's job to turn the locals on to the sounds and get them dancing as he finds his way through Funky Town.

Ghettoblaster is a game by ex-taskset programmer Tony Gibson and musician Mark Harrison. In the game you play the part of Rockin' Rodney, moving around streets, searching for music tapes, in a town called Funky! The graphics and sound are in typical Taskset style, with bold and colourful characters, nicely drawn streets and some suitable dance beat music. The game is fun and certainly entertaining for a short-while, but boredom soon sets in, due to the constant going back and forth to collect music tapes, it just becomes a bit tedious.

The end game sequence of Ghettoblaster is truly appalling and considering the amount of time and perseverance it takes to complete the game, it is shockingly bad. Basically, when you drop off the last music tape to Interdisc, all that appears is this scrolly text message in the bar above the Ghettoblaster:
Hey wow, you've actually made it... You now join the ultra select band of master blasters.

WARNING: Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence
of Ghettoblaster, pressing play will not spoil your enjoyment of the game, infact it will avoid many tedious hours playing the game.

Ghettoblaster by Virgin Games

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Ghettoblaster Advert by Virgin Games


Ghettoblaster Map
Ghettoblaster Map by Programmer Tony Gibson for Commodore User

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