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The Biggest Computer Game In The World

It is called CAD CAM WARRIOR, by TaskSet, and it boasts eight thousand different screens. Yes, you heard right-eight thousand, is this the standard of the New Epic? TONY TAKOUSHI reports... A BIG K EXCLUSIVE.

Software Superstars

"Who" (we asked ourselves) " knows more about games, game writing and computers than anybody else in the known universe". "Easy" (we told ourselves), "the guys who write the hits. In person. All at once." So we sent for TONY TAKOUSHI, he got on the case, and on a day in December, Four of the Best came south, to BIG K. Without further ado, therefore, we present... Tony Crowther, Matthew Smith, Jeff Minter and Andy Walker.

Minter Mania

The world's hairiest programmer turns his back on children's comics and starts a series for Commodore Horizons magazine... anything could happen!

Confessions of a Compunet Junkie... I've had a modem for quite a while now, and up until the Commodore show I didn't really use it much, but I logged on the week after the show and... well... I haven't been to bed before Net shutdown at 3am since!

YakZappin'... Well I got my copy of Elite and sure it's zarjaz but it's just not Star Raiders... Seriously though, it's well put together; if you liked it on the Beeb then you'll love it on the C64, the docking sequence is hyper-hyper, especially if you've a Docking Computer and you put that ace '2001' music on: the computer docks at breakneck speed to the accompaniment of the Blue Danube waltz...
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