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Commodore 64 Emulators
The Emulator category will contain the best Commodore 64 Emulators available for the PC or Apple Macintosh.

Commodore 64 Emulators will allow you to run old Commodore 64 software, especially games like you would on an original C64 machine. The emulators have evolved considerably over the years, since the days of the old C64s for MS-DOS by programmer Miha Peternel and distributed by the company Seattle Labs.

The graphics and sound features are superb and very similar to the original C64 machine. There is very few software titles that will not run on the emulators.

The one game we are aware of that does not function on some C64 emulators, is the impressive Frankie Goes To Hollywood game by Denton Designs and released by Ocean Software. Although the game does appear to work - you will find that the sub games which are crucial to progressing in the game will cause the emulators to crash.

The Commodore Zone still recommends CCS 64, as we still maintain this is the best C64 emulator and the author of CCS, Per Hakan Sundell has put a lot of time and effort into CCS over the years and deserves the success he has had with it. If you decide to use CCS 64 on a regular basis then we strongly urge you to purchase the full registered version of CCS 64. Its only a few dollars and its great value for money.

Per Hakan Sundell was also the creator of the PlaySID software on the Amiga computer and of the amazing C64 music demo / slideshow that appeared on the Amiga.

JaC64 - The Java C64 Emulator

You will need to set the correct joystick port to play. Then use the numeric keypad: "8" UP, "2" DOWN, "4" LEFT, "6" RIGHT and "0" FIRE. (Please make sure numlock light is ON).

NOTE: If the game plays too fast - then please use the speed options. If you find the sound too loud or not emulated correctly then you can turn the sound on or off. Its advised to lower your computers sound volume as the sound on some games is rather loud!

To get started we suggest you try Loco, Fire Ant, Mr. Robot, Purple Turtles, or Wizard of Wor.


The CCS64 Emulator is the best emulator for the C64 on the PC, infact for any computer. The quality of emulation is of such a high standard that you soon forget that you're actually using an emulator, in many ways its better than the real thing! The VIC chip and SID chip of the C64 is emulated too perfection and even the most demanding demos and games, like Mayhem In Monsterland or the Creatures series will run without problems. The sound emulation is excellent and all the Hubbard/Galway classics play without a hitch. CCS64 includes support for C64 cartridges (e.g. Action Replay) and system roms (e.g. Speed Dos). If you use CCS 64 on a regular basis then please consider purchasing it, to ensure continued development of this superb emulator.


Vice - The Versatile Commodore Emulator is an excellent emulator, it emulates the C64 graphics and sound well, but its the 1541 emulation where it excels, it will load all the "Telarium" games like Nine Princes in Amber which can cause problems on other emulators. The DOS version is more difficult to use than CCS 64 due to a more complicated interface - but the windows version does not have this problem. This is a recommended emulator and one that you should have installed on your system. Due to its astonishing versatility, it will also emulate the Commodore 128, Plus/4, PET and Vic 20, so you can load and run software for these systems as well. The inclusion of C128 emulation is a master-stroke, it will run the classic C128 only Infocom adventures, like Trinity, perfectly.


This is the best Commodore 64 Emulator available for the Mac computer. The graphics are well implemented and the SID chip sound is handled very well. It will load most games, the 1541 emulation is excellent. This emulator is  is highly recommended for Mac users. If you use Power64 on a regular basis then please purchase it, to ensure continued development of this superb emulator.


Frodo is a good C64 emulator for Windows, as it uses DirectX to full effect, the quality of emulation is very high. Its user interface is a bit weak and not as easy to use as it should be, but it does have most of the options you will require. Running the C64 in a small window on your desktop is possible and with a fast processor the results are impressive. Other machines are also catered for, versions for Amiga and Macintosh and other computer platforms are available.


One of the oldest and best DOS C64 emulators, its emulation is adequate, graphically its very good, except it does have problems with a few titles such as Mayhem in Monsterland where the screen corrupts. The sound emulation is superb. It will load most games but it does have a few drawbacks, a few titles will not run through the emulator and a few titles, like Little Computer People or Borrowed Time require the full emulation mode on which really slows down the loading process considerably. The interface is very good and is easy to use. This emulator used to compete favourably with CCS64 but it pales in comparison now.  Miha Peternel the programmer of C64s is no longer supporting the software and the the full 'Seattle Labs' commercial version is overpriced.


Although some users rate PC64 as a very good C64 emulator. Unfortunately due to development being terminated prematurely - Its now one of the worst - it  has a clumsy interface and a habbit of making the most simple tasks more complicated then they should be. The sound emulation is the worst of any 64 emulator. The graphics are reasonably handled but some games have problems, e.g. Masquerade. One advantage this emulator does have over some C64 emulators is that it does run the Spinnaker titles superbly - it was the first emulator that could run the Perry Mason game. So if you're a fan of Spinnaker titles then this emulator is worth checking out.