Cutthroats (cover) by Infocom
Published: 1984, Infocom
Jerry Wolper

Difficulty Level: Standard

You're about to get yourself into very deep trouble. You're a backwater island's top driver and foremost expert on local shipwrecks. Which makes you perfect for the job a band of the island's shadiest characters has in mind for you. It's simple business proposition: all you have to do is locate and salvage a fortune in sunken treasure. You stand to gain millions. The only drawback is, it could cost you your neck. Because to successfully recover the treasure, you'll have to survive the perils of diving in unknown waters - and the even greater danger of an untrustworthy crew.
Cutthroats was Infocom's 13th game and was written by Michael Berlin (the author of Suspended and Infidel), and Jerry Wolper.

You are an experienced diver who wants to search an old shipwreck site (close to Hardscrabble Island) for treasure. Organize your efforts and seek fame and fortune underwater. Watch out though, because some people don't want you to succeed...

Cutthroats (game) by Infocom

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