There hasn't been much activity on the Commodore Zone website since early January 2006. Although it appears we've been very quiet on the update front, there was a good reason. We have been preparing an all-new Commodore Zone - totally re-structured and re-designed from the ground up. This is to make the website more competitive and most importantly focus TCZ more around its legend articles and therefore take the website in a new direction. We have taken onboard most of the feedback about the old TCZ and I hope you will appreciate the results. Most of what you wanted has been incorporated, there are a few things still under development, like the review and image databases, but they are well on there way and should be online in the New Year, by end of January 2007.

If you have not already noticed - then I will only be to happy to point it out! Yes, the messy blue navigation menu buttons at the bottom of the screen and the dreaded frameset have finally been put to rest - yep, they are well and truly gone forever, consigned to the dustbin for all eternity!

I can also confirm that the 'End Zone' is included in this launch - and I think you will be impressed with what has been put together. Its basically a new spin on an old idea and I think we've got it right. Personally, although Bruce Lee is great, I think the Zorro flash video, with the well placed music is cool - you really need to watch the whole 30+ minute sequence - it really is neat and worth a look. Impossible Mission is not quite finished yet - but I have allowed it to go online - there will be some major additions to this, check it out in Feb 07 - I know whats planned and it will be the definitive guide to Impossible Mission ever...

At long last, how long has it been promised for? 1 year? I've lost track! But yes the Rob Hubbard legends article has finally been completed and is now online. Hope you like it. Thanks to Ville Nurmi and Andreas Wallstrom of and The Complete Works of Rob Hubbard (TCWORH) for spotting some grammatical and factual errors, which are fixed in the published version.

Throughout the entire website we have made feedback much more easier, every article page on the website has a submit comment facility.

It was a tight deadline to launch the website just before Christmas, but we've made it and thanks to everybody who made this possible. I want to say a special thank you to the company Interspire who developed the content management software we decided to use for the whole website and their software engineer Jordie Bodlay who was extremely helpful in solving a number of issues with the website - without which we could not possibly of hit the Xmas deadline. Thanks Jordie!

I hope you like what we've done, and please use the contact us facility available from the menu above - to tell us exactly what you think of the all-new Commodore Zone, good or bad, we want to know. I am expecting a few teething problems, so if you do come across any technical issues while navigating the website or have an idea, to make things easier/better for visitors then please tell us.

And to nick the title of a Take That song (amazingly this boyband have reformed again and have a number one in the UK!, how old are they?, old as me I think!) - we are Back For Good, we are not going away and get ready for lots of new developments next year...

That's it for now, I'm sure there will be another blogging after Christmas, about the upcoming review and image database facilities - but that's enough for now!

Enjoy! and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

I'm off to scoff a mince pie and drink some Bristol cream sherry... it must be Christmas!

TCZ webmaster