Thanks to everyone who is visiting, and for the feedback, especially with regard to the new games database - more on that later (changes are afoot). You may of noticed some server problems, e.g. slow access at times, this is due to additional traffic, visitor numbers are up and not surprisingly its requiring more resources, we will keep an eye on this and if necessary introduce some speed enhancements. Earlier today we had to reset the website article stats, so this means the popular articles and categories are zeroed! This is a one-off reset, but was necessary to correctly track visitor numbers to articles.

C64 Games Database - ok, big changes afoot. As webmaster I've been looking at the feedback and understand some of the comments made, so I'm going to make a major decision regarding this. The Game database will be moved to new software - ironically its the software we were going to use in the first place but could not for technical reasons, which have now been resolved. So, the plan is to re-build the games database from scratch with the new software. This decision affects the C64-Image database development.

The current games database is using software called PhotoPost. Problem is, although PhotoPost is the best image gallery software on the market, which is why thousands of websites use it. Unfortunately it required a lot of customisation to be used as a games database. We were basically using the software in a way it was not originally designed for, and that is why there are a number of techinical issues and limitations with the current setup. So, because the games database will now be using new software - this frees up PhotoPost for something else.

That something else will be the C64-Image database - the power of this software for images is really impressive, so it is ideal for this task. Originally we planned a basic 16 image gallery/slideshow as the C64 Image database, now it will be superior to that, there will be no set limits! Every game in the games database will feature in the image database and initially will have its own category and one image - over time as the website develops, many images will be added for all the games. This will be a mammoth task and require considerable efforts on the the part of TCZ, registered members and visitors, but the end result should be an impressive and useful image database resource.

Happy New Year ! and Thanks for visiting! Glad you are liking the new website. I will post more info soon.