Quite a lot actually! Just thought I would bring everybody up to date on where things are at - regarding all things Commodore Zone.

The new C64-Game database is near completion, it has been successfully beta tested and we are just tidying up a few things before it goes live, hopefully this week.

The new C64-Image database is also near completion, the database game categories need to be setup but it should be live this week. There has been a lot of discussion regarding how we are going to encourage visitors to submit game images for the database. An idea has been put forward, and we are giving it serious consideration. More on this as soon as the details are finalised.

The C64-Review database is still being worked on, but we have decided to make some major enhancements to what was originally planned, so it will take a few more months to complete this. This will be worth waiting for!

As you may already know, HVSC has recently released a new update (no. 46) of the HVSC which incorporates a new directory structure and now contains around 33000 entries! The C64-Music search facility has had a major update to incorporate this. You can now search the entire HVSC  (46) archive online by Sid Artist, Sid Tune or Copyright Year and each SID that is listed on the search results page can be downloaded or listened to (yes we have finally added the long-promised JSIDPlayer by Joakim Eriksson, so you can click on the 'Listen' hyperlink next to each SID to play it online.)

When all the major updates are out of the way, e.g. the game, image and review databases. Then we will focus on providing new article content for the website, including hopefully a major addition to the End Zone.

Speech Box is still the most viewed article on The-Commodore-Zone, followed by David Crane, and then Rob Hubbard.
A bit surprised, but happy to see how well Zorro is doing in the End Zone. It topped Bruce Lee this week!

Thanks for your ideas and support. I will keep you posted with any further developments.